Some tips for bringing your family to the US


Immigration of relatives begins with the petition of the relative who is in the United States, him or her being an American citizen or permanent legal resident. This request can be made by a select group of relatives which are the parents, sons or daughters, spouses and brothers or sisters.

The waiting time for the approval of this petition varies on whether on wh who is applying. In the case of petition to parents, spouses and unmarried minor children of American citizens, visas are available immediately, making the processing and approval time of the petition shorter, usually 1-2 years so that the foreigner obtains the Permanent Legal Residence. When it comes to married or unmarried children of legal age, siblings of citizens, there is a waiting time that can be up to 7-14 years for a visa to be available and the foreigner can become a Permanent Legal Resident.

Legal Permanent Residents can also petition for their spouses and minor, unmarried children as well as their unmarried adult children. The waiting time on these petitions varies in the category that immigration places them when filing their petition.

We have been successful in cases like these, the advice of an immigration lawyer will save you time and money, we will gladly assist you.

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