The Importance of the Immigration Lawyer ⚖️


From the moment you decide to migrate to the United States, it is essential that you take into consideration that immigration law is highly discretionary. Immigration officials, the immigration court, the U.S Senate, and the President of the U.S. have all the power to accept or reject immigration requests. Immigration regulations are changing and currently, due to agreements with Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, entry to the United States could be postponed.

The calendars in the courts and immigration offices are affected by the number of people requesting remedies, natural disasters, and most recently thanks to COVID-19. Sometimes court notifications arrive informing the immigrant with little time to prepare for court or the notification may simply not arrive. Our intention is not to alarm you but to inform and guide you on the importance of the immigration lawyer so that you can streamline these processes and increase the chances of being successful upon entering the United States.

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